четверг, 31 октября 2013 г.

Monitor Switcher Windows 7 for  multiply monitors
                                                                                   (just two) 


 Hi all, for me it was a huge problem using my tablet with two monitors.    so I spent a little money on the programmer and make my  life easier.  I share with you it for free, because I know that  is a big problem for artist 

LINK TO DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!  :  MouseHook

How its works:

Its simple programm which  moves the cursor to a certain number of pixels

-F4 key, default key to change   monitor.F6 - close programm

-Files mousehook.exe and mousehook.ini must be in the same folder.

-Open file mousehook.ini and change content,.
Example: i have main display with 1920 in width, so i write 1920, and i I put a minus becouse my second monitor at left, if you have second monitor at righ just erase the minus.

 -if you want change hotkey, you have to open  "hook.cpp" file and change F4, and F6 key to your combination and compile it by  any C++ compiler,prefer Visual Studio 2010 or later.

Enjoy,it made my life easier!!!!

Evgeniy Yarovoy